Gougias on Galliano case: “You wouldn't expect him to admit to taking a packet”

A sworn administrative examination on the hospitalized conditions of the father of Yiannis Gallianos was ordered by the management of the “Atticone” hospital, as indicated in the report announcing the patient's death.

Dimitris Kallianos was admitted to the ICU of “Attikon” hospital, where the New Democracy MP and meteorologist begged doctors to admit him as soon as possible if he could stay alive.

Two days ago, with a shocking video, Yanis Gallianos spoke about the great battle his father was fighting, while his mother, after her husband's death, told the attending physician, a professor of vascular surgery, “He took the file. It killed him with money to make my husband's life better.”

However, doctors and the hospital deny the incident with “Pie” and say they will appeal to the judiciary.

“He won't admit to taking a bag”

The Kallianu family's lawyer, Alexis Gougias, spoke to “Agoma ten Edis Dipota” about the case, and as he pointed out, “You wouldn't expect the doctor to admit that he took a packet because he would have to be kicked out. If he leaves the hospital he will face criminal charges”.

“I don't have the medical documentation yet but we'll read what they say.”

“Everyone can demand what they want. You wouldn't expect the doctor to admit that he took a bag, as he should automatically be discharged from the hospital and have a criminal charge against him. On the other hand, there is the principle that judges evaluate and analyze the personality of the witness. In this case, we have Mr. Gallianos, his mother and his doctor brother, who claim to have donated 500 euros. They did not say the doctor blackmailed him,'' said the criminologist.

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He added: “These people seem to have the minister's support, but on the other hand we have a family who are going through a tragedy. Ethical? Any protocol. Human life is the greatest good. Judges laugh at talk of protocol. I don't have the medical docs yet but will read what they say. We haven't met yet. The contents of the files are confidential.”

Also, referring to the intervention of Adonis Georgiadis, he characterized it as impermissible and wondered: “From where, where? In his desperation, he got Georgiadis to tell him what was going on, and that Georgiadis is becoming a “father” to the doctors? By what right? He is not competent”.

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