J2US: Accident on the show with Bisinaki and Ian Stratis – “I'm Not Going With Your Wife”

Time to evaluate Ilias Bissinakis His appearance Ian Stratis She too Penelope Anastasopoulou In J2US came, and his comment about the singer was unexpected. Elias Bissinakis mentioned that his wife Marys Sinatsakis did not like him because of him.

“I've never seen you live, only online, you're amazing. I love you so much and I admire you so much. I had a negative opinion of you because I didn't go to your wife. For my own reasons, he did something to me on metoo. You're really amazing. , I quit,” said guest judge Ian Stratis of J2US, with no response.

“So, neither,” replied Penelope Anastasopoulou, as Ilias Bisinaki mentioned nothing of the sort in the continuation of the conversation.

However, some time later, Penelope Anastasopoulou responded strongly and bailed

“This is clearly my feelings and it is very bad to use a serious issue like Meodoo as an argument to dislike someone. The women who fought for Meodoo deserve love, not hate. As long as there is a clear solution, the rating should not be 6 but 0 because it is Mesovacian,” Penelope Anastasopoulou said angrily. said.

Later, Nikos Kochlonis gave Ilias Pissinakis a pass to clarify his position on what he had said earlier, not referring to Meadow in general, but to a specific incident. He spoke about the past incident with Katerina Lioliou and the comments he received from Mary Sinatzakis.

“Mr. Stratis's wife started a metoo that has nothing to do with reality. Everyone called me a rapist. Because of this woman's intervention – without naming names – flagging metoo…everyone fell for her, Ms. Leolio cried for a week. Metoo is all good, Some underestimate it because they take advantage of it to sell a pair of underwear.” J2US Elias Pissinakis shoots his arrows at Mary Sinatsakis from the air.

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“If we have a disagreement with a person, we resolve it in person, not on television,” replied Penelope Anastasopoulou to J2US in a stern tone.

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