“I left the tree black and they kicked me out”

her Anger Audio documents the 28-year-old's interaction with a police officer and the unimaginable comment about “patrol… taxi” was public opinion — and not more — seconds before her ex-partner stabbed her. Death outside A.D. Akioi Anargyro.

A serious complaint by a woman victim of domestic violence confirms it This is not the first time that the police officers of the said department have shown indifference to women victims of abuse.

Woman, speaking MEGA, complained two years ago She suffered severe abuse from her husband When he went to the police station he narrated what happened to me.

A related comment

“Two years ago I experienced domestic violence. I went to the AT of Ajioyi Anargiri to report it. The constable at the police station did not treat me well. I was severely beaten, with injuries, and told that I could not go up as the process of self-carriage was going on. He asked if he hit me and said I was black and I better get out. I got home and tried again the next day. Another police officer was on duty and the same scene took place. Again they told me to wait for several hours due to overbooking. I never came in.” The woman said first.

And he added: “The main thing is to change the law so that we don't control other victims. Then I took legal action. It's very difficult. Even now it's difficult to talk. Seeing that reminded me of the incident. How I went to ask for help and they didn't listen to me.

Femicide in Agios Anargiros: The moment the 28-year-old was murdered

On the fateful night, 28-year-old Kiriaki went to the AT of Agios Anargiro with a friend to ask for protection because he was afraid of his violent ex-partner. But was murdered by a 39-year-old manOut of the field.

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As known, The the 28-year-old asked the police A patrol car escorted her back home Because she was afraid to go back alone.

However, the duty officer told her They should take immediate action, As a result, leaving the department, The girl is to be murdered while talking on the cell phone with “100”.

The accused followed them to the police station, A few meters away, he set up a death keg.

Captured in a video archive protected by MEGAThe moment I'm 28 years old out on the AT and is on the phone with “100,” who says he's in danger.

At that point, the victim notices the presence of the 39-year-old, turns around, and accelerates to re-enter the AT. Within seconds the attacker ran after her and stabbed her to death.

Watch the video documentary with the moment of femicide

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