J2US: Angela Dimitrio leaves – “My soul and my heart are with my mother”

on his platform J2US Angela Dimitriou went up last, as she later revealed, to support her partner Stelios Drumalia on Saturday night.

After the pair's on-stage attempt, the jury's comments and evaluation, the lady of the popular song dropped “Bombshell” on the set of Alpha's concert.

Specifically, just before the pair left the J2US arena, Angela Dimitrio took to the floor and remarked the following. “Well, I love you all, thank you very much, I've had a great time here at J2US, but unfortunately I have to go. I have to go, because you all know I have something serious and I can't stay anymore. My soul and my heart My mother has them.”

“Thank you so much for everything you've given me, but I think I need to take it easy and rest. I'll be back, don't worry. Don't feel bad for me.”

“So I say a big thank you, I love you very much, I wish you a good fast, and I want to say a big thank you together with my conductor's band and vocal girls,” said the famous artist. Then thank J2US' host and judges and leave the stage at Alpha's concert on Saturday night.

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