Nikolakopoulos: “Rodinei has played the last three matches with an injury and injections” – Football – Stoiximan Super League

Latest news of Olympiaco Carried through Kostas Nikolakopoulos to do bwinSPORT FM 94.6.

«At Olympiakos, the team's analysts today will have their eyes on Fenerbahce's game with Trabzonspor, and they will now begin to follow it even more closely. Medlibar won't go because he sees more of his team and what they can do on the field“, the team reporter said at the beginning.

«Olympiakos players have the opportunity, some to relax, others to keep quiet and travel. There are players who have played in many tournaments. Olympiakos have played 9 matches in the last 27 days, with a streak every three days. 4 European and two derbies, plus three league games. It was an extermination program“, he added.

And he continued:It has now been revealed that Rodini played in his last three games (two against Maccabi and in between against Panathinaikos), with injections due to a knee problem in the previous game. It was a painless problem. He played with irritation, as the games were very important. The coach gritted his teeth and told him to play as much as possible in overtime Thursday and after qualifying.

Passalakis, who was playing with a shoulder problem, entered the last game. Things are not so easy when you have to follow such tedious plans. This (unusual) postponement for the Greek national team is a good moment for Olympiakos as they play tonight against AEK in New Philadelphia, after 120 minutes of such a demanding match on Thursday night.”

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