Listen to Marina Chatty's “Jari”.

Published on “death”song with Hellas It will compete at Eurovision 2024 next May.

An extraordinary evening program was aired that day Thursday, March 7 on ERT1 A presentation of Marina Saty's song took place with presenters Fodis Cerculopoulos and Genie Melida.

to do “death” Fly to Malmö, Sweden, and take a good place in the final stages. Song is ExcitingSatti and his team “serve” something original, multicultural, yet modern.

“Zari” is in Greek, while English also has some phrases.

Eurovision 2024: Listen to Marina Satti's “Zari”

At around 20:00 PM, Marina Sati's song was posted on ERT's official YouTube channel and was later “downloaded”.

Below is a video clip on ERT's YouTube channel, available soon.

With a backdrop of places in Athens like AcropolisThe trayThe Monasteries And Odeon of Herodes AtticusA video shoot for the song Marina Satti sang took place on the Malmö stage.

For shooting purposes, the lens also focused on Attica's other characteristic areas ConcordThe LycabettusThe TailorThe “Eleftherios Venizelos” Airport.

Under the guidance of an Australian director Jack WieselThe video clip is edited by the person who highlights the country's cultural heritage, history and modern landmarks.

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Artistic direction of Marina Sati's appearance on the Eurovision stage Focas EvangelinosDance and Movement Direction o Majnoon Qaiser (Majnoon)During artistic direction NMR.

Four dancers They will support Marina Satya during her performance, on stage at the Malmö Arena.

Eurovision 2024: 9 artists by “Zari”.

“Jari” is a creation of Marina Sathy, along with 8 other artists.

More specifically, in them Gino the GhostWho is his credit Two Grammy AwardsBut more Stoller J LevittHe has collaborated with artists like Carly Rae Jepson And this Demi Lovato.

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The piece also participates in composition Palmer Jordan RichardCollaborated with Carly Rae JepsonBut so is he Duncan Lawrence2019 Eurovision Winner.

Among them are Greek artists Time, Entry, Nick Kodonas But more SolmeisterWorked with Marzox.

In detail, the 9 composers of Greek participation are:

  • Palmer Jordan Richard
  • Stoller J Levitt
  • Marina Satti
  • Time
  • Peshkov Konstantin Plamenov
  • Nick Kodonas
  • Gino the Ghost
  • Entry
  • Solmeister

Greece celebrates 50 years at Eurovision

Two months separate us from his 68th match EurovisionIt will be held on May 7, 9 and 11 in Malmö, Sweden.

In total 37 countries will take the stage in MalmöThe event's home country claims the trophy.

This year, ERT seems confident that last year's “wrecks” will be avoided Greece. Great success Inside Europe.

In this effort, great “Trump” There is nothing else in the program Marina SattiIt is already loved by Eurofans.

Marina Satti is going to represent Greece in the competition with a song that she will bring Strong ethnic and multicultural elements.

He refused to represent Greece at least 3 times in the past, but this year he said “yes”. She wants to try her luck in something bigThis – as she admits – scared her.

Marina Sati's music is versatile and inspiring Traditional, Balkan and Arabic influencesBuilding bridges between different countries and cultures.

The talented artist refuses to be limited to narrow musical contexts, aiming to offer Europeans a show inspired by different artistic influences.

The actor and creator accepted ERT's offer to represent the country for an index year This year marks 50 years since the first presence in Greece At Eurovision, 1974 with Marinella.

In the introductory video for the contest, Marina Satti introduced herself to the Eurovision family and talked about her hopes of representing all of Europe. “Greece's music, our culture, our energy and our dances” And on the stage of the biggest music competition to pass through the vibes of Greece in his own way.

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Eurovision 2024: Sathi's semi-final and ERT commentators

It's a changing of the guard in Eurovision commentary this year as two new faces take over as commentators for the European Song Contest.

This year, the commentary will be behind the microphones, on the nights of the 1st and 2nd Semi-Finals (May 7 and 9 respectively) but at the Grand Final on May 11 in Malmö, Sweden. Thanasis Alevras And Jerome Galuda.

In two semi-finals and the grand final, 37 songs and the artists performing them will be presented to the Greek audience by both artists in their own unique way at Sweden's Malmo Arena.

It is significant Marina Satti will appear in the first half of the second semi-finalCyprus with Celia Kapsis in the first half of the 1st semi-final.

The exact order of appearance will be announced by the organizers later.

Marina Sati's Rich Biography

He graduated in classical piano, majored in advanced music theory, classical singing and performance, and was a fellow at the internationally renowned Berklee College of Music, where he studied orchestration, production and jazz music with Danilo Perez and Jamie Haddad. Marina Satti has created a unique sound that combines different musical traditions He grew up with Greek, Arabic and Balkan.

Representing Greece at the European Jazz Orchestra (EBU) with works by Peter Herbolzheimer, John F. He sang with the World Jazz Nonette at the Kennedy Center and participated in the a cappella vocal group The Singing Tribe. Bobby McFerrin is a creator and artist who is difficult to categorize artistically.

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From the concert hall and the choir stage, to the festivals of Crete's highlands, it can be pop and ethnic and mainstream at the same time, while lyrical and urban and traditional..

The European media presents her as an ambassador of the Greek and Balkan sceneA special way of marrying traditional music with pop, classical and contemporary.

In 2017 he topped the charts with the single “Minute Teller”In no time the public welcomed it “Hidden Pain”It was another number one on the NOWNESS platform in German COLORS (a first for a Greek artist with Greek lyrics) and was the first to present his excellent video clip for the traditional track. “Why bother me”.

In 2017 he founded jobs [ˈkɔɾɛs]An all-female singing group, It consists of more than 150 women aged 15-60 yearsHe maintains the artistic direction – an art nursery which aims to save, process and promote the richness of the Greek tradition, but also creates an original music repertoire and performance activities in collaboration with contemporary artists. Traditional songs of yesterday with today's sound and aesthetics.

In May 2022, he released his first full-length solo album YennaIn 2023 he experimented by presenting his short documentary FLABOURO But more TUCUTUMA song-commentary on the summer's viral falcon trap.

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