Angela Dimitrio: “Bending” talks about her mother

The Angela Dimitriou Invited to the show “Enopios Enopio” on Thursday night (7/3). Nikos Hutchinikolau.

Country music's great lady spoke about the loss of her mother, who recently passed away, among other things.

Angela Dimitrio gets emotional talking about her late mother

The Angela Dimitriou He referred to his recently deceased mother with love and tenderness.

He also broke up with Nikos Hatsinicola about her.

“I wear on my hand what my mother left me, and I will never take off her ring, for it is my protection. She is by my side.

My mother is a very strong woman, without understanding anything, she went into everything, first her children should be well, then everyone else, the woman who raised my daughter.

I say she brought her up because I was working, I couldn't be near her, I offered her my presence, but I offered other things, I was near her,” he said at the beginning and continued:

“My mother is a woman who does not understand anything! I kept her in bed for two and a half years, she didn't walk, and seeing her like this day after day made me very sad. , to do everything.

Until a month ago, I walk into the room and he takes my hand and says: “I want you to take care of yourself. Find a man to fix your life, because eventually you will be alone. You will be alone, and I don't want you to be alone.”

I've been alone for six years because I was tired, I was angry, I was waiting for my life to come and it did,” said Angela Dimitrio.

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