Miltos Tedoklou: My medal is “rotten” – Karalis beat me, but I will take revenge [εικόνες, βίντεο]

Miltos Tedoklou and Emmanuel Karalis, who won gold in the long jump and bronze in the pole vault at the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow, returned to Greece at dawn.

A lot of people were waiting for the Greek delegation at the airport, while the president of Segas, Maria Zakorafa, was also there.

Tedoklo: I count what I did as a failure

“I saw my opponents and they are very strong and they will be very strong this year and I like that. I like having good opponents. Even if I lose this fight it will be good because it will make me more stubborn. I consider what I did as a failure. It's a loss for me. So, it's very good, I believe, for the future”, said Miltos Tedoklou, speaking to journalists about the medal and his match with Emmanuel Karalis:

“I'm not dedicating it anywhere. This medal is a rotten medal. With 8.22 I'm not dedicating it anywhere. I'm not keeping anything, I believe our work was very good, like in Greece. And Manolo, congratulations. I have to say Manolo – I have to say this – beat me. , he's better than me in this race, but I'll get my revenge in the open in the summer”.

Karalis was divined for bronze at the World Cup – they lifted him up in their arms

Forgiveness awaited the 24-year-old jumper in “Eleftherios Venizelos” as his friends and others waited for his return.

The Greek athlete finished third in the pole vault final with a distance of 5.85 meters at the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow.

Reports by Karalis on behalf of SEGAS

“Well, exactly 24 hours after my bronze medal winning world medal race, I'm really tired because I didn't sleep all night. I'm fine, I just want to rest. I am going to be completely away from everything for a week and in a week and a half I will go back abroad and start preparing for the Open.

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My objective in the big races is to perform well and therefore fulfill my mission. Haris made the decision to leave the pillars, choice of pillars and height and move on to the next place. He won, so congratulations to Haris for a job well done.

It is definitely important for the world to see the efforts of mine and my fellow athletes. It is very good for athletics and sports in general. Since then, I hope there will be more athletes to bring new generations to athletics.

Yes, I hit Tedoklo and he will announce it to the cameras, he told me. I hit him. 8.22 m (long jump) and 5.72 m (pole vault). So I hit him.

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