Real Madrid 0-1 for Champions League “16” with Raheem Diath's amazing goal

Raheem Diath scored a wonderful goal and Real Madrid came with great difficulty at home to Leipzig (1-0) and took the lead in qualifying for the “8” of the Champions League, ahead of the rematch at the “Bernabeu”. The hosts “scream” for an offside goal in the 2nd minute. Lun's Big Works of “Merengues”.

Real Madrid went to Germany with a “serviceable” defense (Someni, Nacho), Leipzig pressed them… to the ropes, but Ancelotti's team found… a goal with Diat, the Germans went 1-0 away from home. And earned the lead credit for his “8”. Champions League.

Real Madrid entered the match “sleeping” and Leipzig managed to surprise the incomplete defensive line of the guests and in the 2nd minute Cesko's header sent the ball into Lun's net. But the goal was disallowed by the referee as offside was To give confirmation, but without clarifying the reason (no display is shown with lines showing the violation).

DTarget is not allowed Above all, Due to Henriques' offside impact on goalkeeper Lunn's effort.

Although Leipzig continued to control the tempo, Real Madrid missed a big chance in the 9′. After a Kroos corner and a header from Swameni, Obanta cleared before the ball crossed the line and Gulasi Kamavinga blocked a shot later in the period.

Real However, he struggled to get the ball out of his own half due to the pressure exerted by Leipzig. In fact, there were not a few times when the Germans forced her to defend herself as a whole. The Madrid team looked for counterattacks to create a phase on the counterattack and showed that they “press” well at the end of the first half. The last good moment was in the 45th minute when Vinicius missed a shot.

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Real seemed to have listened to Ancelotti's stoppage time and they made it 0-1 at the start of the replay (49'). Brahim Diath eluded four players and sent the ball into the Leipzig net with a terrific placement. Five minutes later, the hosts squandered a unique chance to equalise. The Lunin refused Shot by Olmos Then Cesco failed And he To beat the real goalkeeper from an advantageous position.

The real one, however, played well and solidly. In the 64th minute and after a mistake by Orban, Vinicius passed to Rodrigo but he shot high under pressure from the slugger. In the 72nd minute, the Brazilian was almost anointed a goal scorer, but he sent the ball past Gulasi's left upright post!

At the same time, Lunin appeared … rolling, infuriating the home team, who could not beat him with long or close shots.

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