The expansion is shown by the first results of the meetings

at Constituent meetings The future will be decided Rural mobilizations Across the country, the first ones were launched Central Greece And Macedonia..

Already from the first reports of the representatives of the farmers, after their meeting with the Prime Minister at noon on Tuesday (13/2), it is clear that all the possibilities of holding a rally in Athens are open. The next few days are not excluded. days.

However, the first picture of the blocks already shows how Farmers are not satisfied From the meeting at Maximos.

from the side Kiriakos Mitsotakis announced during a conversation with a representative of the Panhellenic Block Committee Cheap drift All farmers for the next 2+8 years and the excise duty on agricultural oil should be withdrawn by the end of March. For the first two years, the cheapest electricity will account for all consumption, as promised, and for the next eight years it will be a third.

The first results of the modules were competitive

Tuesday night (13/2), in his Vol Macedonia She too West Greece It was decided Increase in mobilizationsAt the same time similar climate prevails in its regions ThessalyFarmers are not satisfied with the Prime Minister's promises.

Specifically, at Although ThessalonikiFarmers decided Reinforcement of blocks And the continuation of the struggle, without even ruling out the possibility of participating in a rally in Athens.

Accordingly and in Aegean Vol, Agalia's farmers announced their determination to continue their mobilization. After their meeting, they went fresh Old National Road blockedAt the height of Selinaunda, they marched to Olympia Odos for a brief siege.

Tomorrow, Wednesday (14/2), meetings will be held ThessalyIt will, as everything suggests, follow the line of expansion.

Current proposal to be submitted to Regional Councils Farmers descended on Athens with their tractorsAccording to MEGA, it aims to mobilize more than 500 vehicles.

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Almiros Volos: The peasants decided to descend on Athens

A farmers' meeting is currently taking place in the Almyros block in Athens-Thessalonica Pathe.

According to ERT, the farmers of the camp decide to land in Athens. The Christos PantgiosAs a member of the 15-member farmers' committee, the participant in the meeting at Maximo briefs his fellow farmers to evaluate the measures announced.

The first recorded reaction was The escalation of the race and their descent to Athens by tractor.

however, The final decision will be taken on Thursday (15/2). from all parts of the country.

Platycampos are also disgruntled farmers in Larissa

ERT report from Platicambo LarisaFarmers of the area They declare disappointment.

Accordingly on themPresident of Platycampos Agricultural Cooperative Mr. John Koutsoukis The block farmers were informed in the afternoon. He underlined in his statement to the press «Actions leave open problems, Issues to be resolved' He expressed satisfaction with the Prime Minister's commitment to meet soon with a team from Thessaly to deal with the issues that have arisen since the bad weather Daniel.

The course of the mobilizations will be decided at a meeting in Platycampos tomorrow, Wednesday (14/2) at 5pm.

Code exemption of farmers and breeders in Evzones

In Index exemption About an hour of it Evzones Customs OfficeIts farmers and breeders stepped up on Tuesday night (13/2). Paonia. According to police officials, no queues of vehicles were formed.

“We will remain here in Evsoni, waiting for our representatives to arrive from Athens to decide. Besides. The Prime Minister did not touch on animal husbandry issuesThomas Garibidis, president of the Paonia Agricultural and Livestock Association, told APE-MPE.

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Paonia's farmers and ranchers were picketing through the afternoon. They are concentrated in the customs area Without, however, prohibiting the passage.

Livestock farmers protest in Tripoli

According to ERT, a Peloponnesian protest by cattle breeders is planned for Wednesday afternoon (14/2) in Tripoli.

The parade will head towards the building of the Peloponnese Region, where it is expected to take place Meeting of breeders with officials of Regional Authority, At the same time the breeders will also submit a resolution related to their demands.

Then there will be a procession through the city. As announced, there is a possibility of a march to the Nestani toll plaza on the Tripoli-Corinth road.

Farmers' first report

Speaking to reporters, Mr root MarudasThe head of the Federation of Agricultural Unions of Larisa initially said “With the strength of our demands, the strength of our meetings and the support and solidarity of the institutions and the Greek people, we came to today's meeting at the highest level of government where we can present our legitimate demands.Despite the fact that, as he said, not all their demands were satisfied.

“We will go to our constituencies, inform our colleagues across Greece about what was discussed today, and make decisions in our constituencies. We believe that the struggle must continue and the blocks must be strengthened to meet the demands of survival as much as possible. For so long it has been advocated by the country's agrarian movement.”He said.

“Looking at the Prime Minister, you saw that we reached the culmination of the negotiations as a culmination of the effort of mobilization and political negotiations. In negotiations you always win something, but we have no room to lose”, Vice President of Panseraikos Agricultural Society said among others. John PanakisKiriakos said the dialogue with Mitsotakis was a constructive and meaningful one.

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“We've got some stuff… My assessment is that we are headed for detention However, the final decision will be taken by the block farmers”, Pavlos Satolias, head of the agricultural cooperative, said after a meeting of representatives of the Panhellenic organization with the prime minister.

Duties of Maximus

The new support package for farmers announced by Kyriakos Mitsotakis includes:

  • Cheaper drift 2+8 years for all farmers.
  • Advance payment of excise duty 40 million euros at the end of March.

“We can meet in a common place, which will take into account your legitimate concerns, but also take into account the fact that the country's financial limits are given and limited. Something I believe you know because you are in society, many sectors, many social groups always have demands and expectations from the government. From our point of view you will understand” He said.

The new government initiative, funded primarily by the Energy Transition Fund, ensures the lowest cost of rural electricity supply, as referred to by “blue” executives.

The plan, in the form of bilateral long-term agreements, will begin on April 1 and will worry the entire agricultural world.

For the first two years, the rates are fixed and structured as follows:

  • Owners of rural power lines belonging to cooperative schemes or non-dues contract farmers: 9.3 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • Other non-dues rural electricity consumers: 9.8 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • Owners of rural power lines belonging to cooperative schemes or contract farmers with overdue loans: 10.5 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • Other rural electrification payers: 11 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • For the remaining 8 years, for 1/3 of the specific benefit consumption, the price is flat and fixed at 9 cents per kilowatt hour.

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