Sale of Lenovo and Motorola mobile phones banned in Germany

Important development of Lenovo and Motorola in the German market

Their cell phones Lenovo And Motorola They seem to have problems with their market Germany.

A court in that country barred the two companies from selling the devices because they used patents owned by American Interdigital for parts of WWAN (responsible for communicating with networks and other devices).

This means that all mobile phones that support GSM, UMTS, LTE and 5G are currently not allowed to be sold in Germany, and that includes the new models of the Edge 50 series.

Lenovo used the technologies without granting the appropriate rights to Interdigital, and a dispute between the two companies brought about this development.

Lenovo finds the US company’s claims unfair and will appeal the decision.

Until we have something finalised, Lenovo and Motorola’s partners will be able to sell available stock, while all relevant models will be downloaded from the two companies’ online stores until further notice.

However, in all probability, the two sides will reach an out-of-court settlement, which may provide a definitive solution to the matter.

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