Serie A: Fiorentina ‘lock up’ Europe with double in Cagliari ahead of final with Olympiakos

Maybe three points… flattering her. On the other hand, she shows her stubbornness and perseverance till the end. The Fiorentina Most of the matches at home were affected Cagliari, saw Ranieri’s side overturn the scoreline, but never stopped fighting. With two goals in the 89′ and 90+13′, the Viola turned everything around to escape with victory (2-3), leaving for Europe a few days before the big final of the Conference League before the Olympics.

After the stadium bowed to Claudio Ranieri in his last match on the bench after 38 years, Fiorentina took a commanding lead 20 minutes into the game… at least until stoppage time. In the 20th minute, Scapet saved the Viola from 0-1 with a beautiful intervention on Belotti’s header, and from there… Teracciono stepped up to keep Fiorentina alive. Within three minutes the Italian goalkeeper had made the same number of tackles as Deiola’s headers and dead-a-dead with Luumbo, keeping a clean sheet.

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With 1-0 down, Fiorentina attacked against the run and scored in the 39th minute with Bonaventura’s horribly deflected shot.

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Four minutes later, Skoufed made it 0-2 in a 4-a-4 with Castrovili, while in first-half stoppage time, Labandula scored for Cagliari, but from an offside position.

Worse still in the second half, Fiorentina let Cagliari dominate and eventually equalise, Deola moving behind the defense in the 64th minute to score with a header to make it 1-1 and… the blessing of VAR.

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The balance was there, but everything turned upside down in a crazy ending. In the 85th, Cagliari made it 2-1 with a superb shot just outside the Mutantua area, but seven-man Fiorentina did not have the last word.

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While he should have threatened from the first half, in the 89th, Nico Gonzalez threw himself at the first post to write with the plan 2-2.

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Crushed the home team’s morale and the upset ended at 90+13 and the last leg of the game. Nico Gonzalez was brought down in the area and Arthur scored from the penalty spot to make it 3-2 in the final that secured the Viola’s European ticket.

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Following are the results and standings of the 38th and last match of Serie A:

Cagliari-Fiorentina 2-3
Genoa-Bologna 24/5
Juventus-Monza 25/5
Milan-Salernitana 25/5
Napoli-Lexe 26/5
Atlanta-Torino 26/5
Lazio-Sassuolo 26/5
Verona-Inter 26/5
Empoli-Roma 26/5
Frosinone-Udinese 26/5

Rating (in 37 games)

Inter 93 –Champion, Champions League–
Milan 74 –Champions League–
Bologna 68 –Champions League–
Juventus 68 –Champions League–
Atlanta 66 -36 AG. –Champions League–
Roma 63 –Europa League–
Lazio 60
Fiorentina 57
53 of Turin
Napoli 52
Genoa 46
Monza 45
Verona 37
Lecce 37
Cagliari 36 -38 st.
Frosinone 35
Udinese 34
Empoli 33
Sassuolo 29 –Relegate–
Salernitana 16 –Relegate–


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