“To ensure that no reactionary forces prevail in EPO elections”


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PAOK PAOK’s owner, Ivan Savvidis, addresses the board of directors. His team noted the next day’s targets, but the upcoming EPO elections.

Ivan Savvidis addressed the Board of Directors of PAOK PAOK on Thursday (23/5). Tkefalos’ owner insisted that the celebrations of winning the championship are over and now it’s time to get back to work.

PAOK’s next goal is to enter the league stage of the Champions League. At the same time, he also insisted that there should not be a single day’s delay in starting the work on the training center.

Finally, he also mentioned the upcoming EPO elections, saying that regressive forces should not prevail.

Words by Ivan Savvidis:

“I wish to congratulate and thank you for this unimaginable victory. Only a misguided person would say that victory in the field was achieved without the support of many in tireless and silent work. You, my colleagues on the Board, were an extension of one of us.

The victory of the championship was unimaginable, some believed, and only we knew how meticulously we played this game of chess and what method they used to defeat the opponents in the end. Nothing comes by chance

But enough celebrations and I beg you to get back to work. We have learned to live as champions, so we know that the battle is eternal, and the next goals are active from today. In terms of competition, the next target I would only ask is that we are fully prepared to enter the league stage of the Champions League. In terms of infrastructure, there should not be a single day delay in starting the training center work, but let us also clarify the situation around Nia Doomba. Whatever setbacks occur on the geopolitical scene, we must find ways to overcome them. 100 years should surely find us with a ready-made training ground and even a stadium under construction.

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Finally, we no longer have to prove to anyone what kind of football we envisage, so we must ensure that in the upcoming EPO elections, there will be no retreating forces.

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