Survivor Spoiler Departs 5/28: Gladiator and candidate is one of the favorites for Kalatsi!


The 3rd and final immunity will bring one of the possible names in the Kalatshi candidate.

Survivor Spoiler Departure 5/28: Great Interest 3rd nomination on Survivor. Because one of Kalatshi’s favorites will be in the gladiator position in his survival game the sky.

Who will he be? Celebrities or fighters?

Days are not always easy Survivor spoiler. We have no news yet on what will happen in the island council. Not even for immunity. Because if we know which team is winning, we know the candidate. In other words, the process is automatic! Almost…

The Phanis polletis Outside the battlefield. See Here When will he return to action? So, only 3rd Immunity has a winning lead.

Now about the options for nominations… don’t forget that Dora Nikolis and Giorgos Papacharalambos are already exiting candidates. We are waiting to see who will lose the fight.

Survivor Spoilers Out 5/28: One of the Favorites?

Since the departure of Stavroula Chrysaeidi, there have been four particular favorites to go to Kalatsi. Logically, Survivor 2024 will have 4 teams in the semi-finals and finals.

Katerina Dalaka and Giorgos Giulekas from the Reds. Fanis Poletsis and Daniel Nurka from Blues.

If the Reds lose, Giorgos Giulekas will be a candidate. If the Blues lose Daniel Nurga.

Since Christoforos and Stamatis are already in Taco…

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