Turkey: “Blue Homeland” lesson in sixth grade in schools

6th graders in Turkey will also be taught about the so-called “Blue Homeland”. At the same time, the Turkish-Libyan Memorandum was included in the curriculum in the country’s schools.

An educational program called “Century of Turkey”, which includes “The Blue Homeland”, will be included in the textbooks of the 6th grade in addition to the 9th grade, while the Turco-Libyan Memorandum will also be taught. A suitable refresher for school children there.

At the same time, students will also be informed, reports SKAI reporter Manolis Costidis in Istanbul. Dr. Sadiq Ahmed“Leader” as they describe him “Western Thrace fought for the rights of the Turks».

On the website of the Ministry of Education in the new curriculum and specifically in the 6th standard subject “The world is our home“, the course description reads as follows:

“The importance of the “Blue Homeland” to the geopolitics of our country in relation to the Aegean, Black Sea, Mediterranean and maritime borders. Marmara is emphasized », on the topic of protection and defense of our country’s rights and interests in maritime jurisdictions.

At the same time, it is taught in schools especially in class 9 Turkish-Libyan Memorandum. Specifically, the Class 9 Geography Syllabus mentions the following:

“Students may be assigned research papers on international water-related problems and solutions Agreement on the Delimitation of Maritime Jurisdiction in the Mediterranean Sea signed between Turkey and Libya, territorial water disputes, national security and water security, Turkey’s unjustified demands on water resources, Turkish Islandsinternational migration to Turkey due to drought or possible water-related migration situations within the country.” Finally, in grade 12, the lesson “Turkey has been in the process of globalization since World War II“, recounting the history of the Turkish Revolution Ataturkism.

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Specifically, the description states:

“Through a variety of sources, students are given the opportunity to examine topics such as: the Korean War, Turkey’s accession to NATO, The Cyprus problem And Cyprus Peace OperationGreek-Turkish Relations, Turkey’s Maritime Geopolitics and Turkey’s Maritime Jurisdiction – “Blue Homeland”, Absent Armenian Claims and ASALA Terrorism, Turkey-European Union Relations, Relations with the Turkish World, Problem Nagorno-Karabakh And The Bosnian WarOn the change and continuity of Turkey’s foreign policy since the beginning of his tenure Cold War. […] It can be requested [σ.σ. από τους μαθητές] Analyze written and visual evidence on the Cyprus problem and prepare a report for the United Nations on the political, economic, social and cultural injustices suffered by Turks on the island. […] Students may be asked to research the life and work of an important person such as Alija IsetbekovicThe Up tenctasThe Dr. Sadaq AhmadThe Muhammad Ali JinnahThe Isa Yusuf Alptekin and provide a biography”.

Source: SKAI

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