Tzane: Well-known Greek ticktoker dead – he fell to his death from a balcony in Italy.

News of Greek TikToker Tsan's death has come as a shock.

According to the first information available, Tzane breathed his last yesterday (12/3) in the village of Roghudi Vecchio, Italy while he was with two of his friends.

The TikToker went to explore an abandoned village with his friends. During the inspection, it appears that he fell from the balcony without railings and met his tragic death.

“Unfortunately, John is no longer with us. He left us yesterday afternoon on our trip to Italy.

Italian authorities were alerted and a helicopter rushed to the village to retrieve his body.

YouTuber Christos Goyas, who was with him in Italy, confirmed the news of his death with a post on Instagram on Wednesday morning (13/3).

“Sadly, John is no longer with us. He left us yesterday evening on our trip to Italy. Please pray for his soul to rest in peace,” he wrote.

His post

Message from Alexandros Kopsialis

Alexandros Kopsialis also wrote a related post on his story: “It's not a troll or some kind of prank. Goyas, perhaps in his confusion, recorded it to make it seem like a joke, but unfortunately it's not a joke.”

Moaning on TikTok

On TikTok, Tzane had nearly 57,000 followers who were shocked to hear of his death.

There are countless comments on her videos, with her fans expressing their sadness and wondering what happened to her unjustified death.

“He might be dead”, “Good heaver bro”, “Too bad”, “Have a nice trip girl”, “One of the best guys. It's really shocking how life brings them. May your soul rest in heaven”, were some of the comments from his followers.

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