Kasselaki Ship, Admiral Captain and False News…

That's what traveling in the Aegean is all about, travelers! Now look what happened to Kassalakis and his captain Admiral Apostolakis. Let them go to sea, theirs, back to Koumundourou… forget to submit the memorandum for the Spartans to the Areopagus.

The deadline was last Saturday, April 20. New Democracy and PASOK did their democratic duty on time. They documented with a series of sources that the imprisoned Kasidiari run the coalition and therefore should not participate in the European elections. The Sirisites decided to approach the Supreme Court yesterday. Kassalakis and Famellos took three days to negotiate. Three days until they deny AXA Voucher's famous… benefit!

A pre-election trip to the Aegean islands with a chartered boat costs twenty thousand euros, respectable even for Syriza's richest president. But he was looking for something “grand” to make a fool of himself. So they set sail in the admiral's company and with his slogan … I conquer! He prefers direct comparisons with Mitsotakis. He has no political substance, and he knows it. Buy, he doesn't have time. What remains is hyperactivity, a smile, a few words and generally a good physique that the other person sees in front of him.

Greeks are generally polite people. We know about hospitality even in tourism. Kassalakis tastes the kindness of the islanders, and he loves it. He hears words of sympathy. A newcomer to politics, people do not know him. They approach him, he looks familiar and they want to see who he is up close. What's better than visiting the island before the tourists arrive.

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From political issues to… seamanship is sheer boredom. He grew up elsewhere, and the experience of Greece was not clear to him. So he grabs the first life preserver and begins a discussion about the islands' ferry connection. As if the islanders were waiting for Stephanos from Miami to provide solutions in geography.

A comprehensive response from the Ministry of Shipping covers all cases. The larger islands are connected to mainland Greece by almost daily routes via the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio. For the less populated Cyclades islands, an additional €36 million is spent on cruises departing from mainland ports or from Syros, the region's capital. The ministry adds that most of the subsidized ferry routes offer free travel to permanent residents of small islands to and from administrative centres.

Kasselakis doesn't have much to exploit other than marketing himself as best as possible. At the very least, it introduces a new face of a young man who wants to do politics without fixed rules. But he has no political reason either.

It takes a long way for sympathy to become a vote, and in the second phase, many miles to be precise, to become a vote for governance.

Meanwhile, his opponent publishes government policy decisions. The arrests of thugs after the murder of policeman Ligeridis are a victory for Chrysokoidis and a response to perceived insecurity for the prime minister. He was preceded by Heimarra's jailed mayor Fredis Beleris as a candidate. ND European ballot with many options depending on what voters want. The opening of the E-65 highway, the most important road axis, will radically change central Greece. The economy and accuracy of everyday life are very serious issues that Syriza is trying to adapt to its “field”. The government's economic policy is getting stronger and citizens know it.

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Europe is also not interested this time. The stalemate over the last month will destroy the “relaxed” votes. Whoever decides to go behind the scenes is asked to respond to the dilemma:

After all, if sending the wrong message is worth an option…

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