Georgians are enthusiastic, the Greek national team is cold-blooded

Georgia – An entire nation lives and breathes 90' minutes from Greece. To the layman this seems like extreme pressure for our national team, however, Bogatin's players are suspicious and ready to use the Georgians' enthusiasm as their weapon.

In Tbilisi, the catalyst for the work of our national team, and in every part of the most beautiful Georgia, there is no one who does not think about Tuesday's game (26/03, 19:00, ALPHA, NovaSports Prime, live from SPORT24) .

The Georgians are confident, shouting that they have not lost this tournament for any reason, and they will be celebrating their first ever qualification for the finals of Euro 2024 with Marciniak's final whistle.

Unbearable stress for Greece, right? Or is the opposite happening? Based on what we saw and heard during our days in the Georgian capital, the pressure is on opposite sides of Vili Chaniol and superstar Kvitsa Kvaratshelia.


The Georgians have built a good team in recent years and with the opportunity to further develop and be at the forefront of a major event in the future, they believe there is no tomorrow in the finals of the Dynamo Arena. So “now or never…” hangs in the air.

The secret of Greece

All this exciting atmosphere will become our strongest weapon with the proper management of Boget and international players as the minutes of the match pass. The Uruguayan's style and the philosophy that Greece have acquired over the years in rebuilding the squad makes us even more cynical about something like this.

The script sticks that the game will be won by the smartest football player, and many times the excitement blinds the mind and leads down dark paths. From the words of the international, from what Poget said, we are going to play in cold blood and nothing else.

Kvaratshelia will take it himself

It's indescribable what happens when you hear the name Guara. Aurelio De Laurentiis' gold mine is everything in Georgia… from God to scarves sold on every corner of Tbilisi.

He will take charge. But, he is not alone. As you have already read Georgians have good things and are fighters. Goalkeeper Mamardashvili is against a trade due to his position, although when he makes the big move, perhaps in the summer, he will rise to Kvarashelia's level. So, Mamardashvili is a barometer.


Usually the mega star has enough supporters to make sure that all the attention is not focused on the Napoli player. From Bogut's statements, there seemed to be something specific about Guevara's reading, so if it was blocked, the Georgians would suffer significant competitive damage.

They will take it to heart from there and Greece look capable of taking the match on the way back to get on the plane and start planning the trip to Germany. Tuesday is a great day and those who are lucky enough to experience it may always remember it because of the merits of Greece.

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