TEMPI: The victim's mother broke down after the march

At the student march on March 25, the atmosphere was very tense. The family of Claudia Lata – who lost her life in the horrific accident in Tempe – was opposite the official podium.

In particular, according to onlarissa.gr, the family held flowers and a paper, which is also the request of Greek society… “Justice” for the 57 victims of Tempi. After the parade, Claudia Lata's mother asked to speak with Digital Governance Minister Dimitris Papastergiou, who attended the celebration events as a government representative.

“do your duty”

Through tears, the dead 21-year-old woman's mother said she was outraged by the development of the case, talking about her daughter and saying how much she misses her and that she is determined. He looks at her from above.

After negotiations with the police, the family of Claudia Lata approached Dimitris Papastergiou, whose mother was crying in his arms: “I miss him so much. They all marched in their uniforms, I was sad. Do your duty really.'

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Amma asked to speak to Digital Policy Minister Dimitris Papastergiou

The victim's mother met Dimitris Gouretas

In tears, the mother of dead 21-year-old Alma

The family members of the victim sat opposite the officers holding papers with the words 'Justice' in their hands

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