K. Mitsotakis: European elections are a national ballot – experiments may turn into political stunts

news”May all Greece be blue“, as in the national elections, the Prime Minister sent Kiriakos Mitsotakis He began his pre-election speech at Syntagma Square.

«Athens is sending a message to every corner of Greece that the message of responsibility and victory must be heard even louder at the ballot box, all over Greece is blue.“, he added:”A strong ND means a strong Greece in Europe. The situation does not permit passivity and indifference, or experimentation and frivolous choices, it could be a political stunt. Only ND has plans to claim Brussels for the next five years. With our founder Konstantinos Karamanlis we put Greece in Europe and in 2015 we put the interest of our country above the party and put Greece in Europe.».

«We established Evros as the European border in 2020, pressured the EU to put a ceiling on natural gas when the crisis hit, while I negotiated the 36 billion euros brought into the country from the rescue fund.“Mr. Mitsotakis said, and underlined that the ND MEPs will move with an action plan”Against those who discovered Europe only to disgrace their own homeland. They even went so far as to ask for funding to stop, we don’t need parties like this in Europe, but We need more representatives than the party needs to wear the national jersey of GreeceOnly ND serves with actions and consistencyHe said and described the European elections Doubly important, As he said, they will solve major European challenges related to Greek issues.

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K. Mitsotakis: European elections are a national ballot – experiments may turn into political stunts

asked the citizens Elect MEPs who strengthen the country’s voice in Brussels and knowledge of Strasbourg and complex European relations.

«We are a party that supports the Greek family in actions, not words” and pointed to it Took initiatives against malpractices inducing accuracy.

The Prime Minister accused the opposition parties of the European elections as a referendum against the government. “They are blinded by a single goal: to hurt ND, shrink Mitsotakis and question all our victories for five years.. Our enemies Raise the issue of political stability. We take the handle. ND will be the big winner, demands hope and continuity on a path that takes us closer and closer to a developed Europe. All of Greece will turn blue again, just as the constitution is blue today“Said Mr. Mitsotakis, Describing the European Elections”Important national ballot».

Prime Minister It called on the youth to vote on Sunday And when talking about digital tutorial, specific Accuracy talked about Constant War and “We will not stop supporting our vulnerable fellow citizens until it is conquered“, he said. “A new increase in GDP was announced today, while we reduced unemployment from 18% to 10% and created 400 thousand jobs.he added.

Mr. Mitsotakis noted the government’s work in modernizing the state and improving conditions in sports, public administration and the economy, saying, “This is Europe». At the same time, he mentioned the commitments he had made in the past regarding the daily life of the citizens and emphasized that they have been implemented.A lot is being done but we need to do more».

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«Opposition parties want to disrupt this path. I will never allow Greece to go through a period where Greece flirted with bankruptcyReferring to the Syriza plan, he said, “Oh my God this should not be a 45 billion project.”

K. Mitsotakis: European elections are a national ballot – experiments may turn into political stunts

I object to four verbs: we feel, hear, act, and tryBecause the Greece of 2024 is a new Greece, a different Greece, a much better Greece” added the Prime Minister He sent a message against prohibition saying: “Isn’t this vote irrefutable?».

He said that the opposition parties are presenting.Babel movie and that’s why I decided not to talk about opposition leaders». He also insisted.The real race the next day is to go fast and see who wants to hit the brakes and who wants to hit the gas. Our real enemy is the real problems, but to solve them we need to close the door to the money trees that lead us to control the economy and those who want to see the country rise in difficult situations. Maneuvers that await us in national affairs. After Sunday, the government should pursue a strong Greece policysaid the Prime Minister.

At the same time, he sent a clear message.to both our northern neighbors Skopje and Tirana The road to Europe passes through Athens». «We want to live without dangerous tension with TurkeyThe definition of continental shelf and EEZ always recognizes our unique distinction».

«We welcome the European elections with experience and confidence. We ask that citizens vote responsibly, and you move forward with fewer delays and more reforms“He finished listening”We wear Greece blue with victory and aim to get closer to Europe».

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