Out came the stock market traders

By Manos Hachladakis

The Athens market surrendered to sellers after two days of stagnation, with investors opting to liquidate ahead of Piraeus Bank's job announcements.

Specifically, after a conservative first half hour, the general index is now moving with losses of 0.9% to 1,399 units and a turnover of 35.6 million euros, while 11 million pieces have been traded.

The bank index was down 1.17% at 1,215, the FTSE was down 0.9% at 3,299 and the mid-cap FTSEM was down 1.8% at 2,353.

Until now, the first two days of the week have been dull on Athens Avenue, with some volatility, low turnover and the market reacted immediately yesterday when it found itself at close support of 1,410 points, which did not happen again today.

After the strong performance of the last 4 months and the new multi-year highs reached by DG, the possibility of a correction is reasonably open, as noted in the column, however, liquidations have not been ruled out for a de facto merger. New big announcements are approaching the HFSF's investiture event in Piraeus.

One that could come within the day and in any case is expected by Friday, so that the information is approved by the Capital Markets Authority and the offer book opens on Monday.

Basic requirements are discount (in the range lower than the average stock market price of six months and the current high) percentage of allocation of funds, but distribution between domestic and foreign. Investors.

Today in the group, Piraeus moves with losses of 0.9% to 3.852 euros, while National Bank -0.3%, Alpha -1.16% and Eurobank -1. Sentiment is lower in other sectors at 8%. After rising 1.7% yesterday.

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Mytileneos is under significant pressure -1.5% and the highest turnover of the day over 5 million euros in two hours of trading, OPAP gives yesterday's gain with -1.4%, PPC -1, 1%, ELPE -1.3 %, Motor Oil -1% and TERNA Energy -1.3 %.

Picture indication Only 3 bonds are stored in the FTSE with a positive sign. Coca Cola with +0.8%, Cenergy with +0.6% and Quest with 3% fresh progress on the back of rumors of management discussions regarding the ACS Group subsidiary.

Among mid-caps Intralot fell 2.7% with turnover of over 1.2m in its bond launch, Intrakat fell 1.65% and Intracom fell 4%.

In the lower tiers, it is worth mentioning the strong 11% rally of Europharma with a turnover of more than 320 thousand euros.

However, sellers have an absolute lead in broader correlations across the board, with 94 stocks moving lower compared to just 29 higher.

Film internationally

Internationally, indices in the US and Europe are consolidating in the region of historic highs, with limited volatility this week.

There are somewhat negative signs in Europe today, with the French CAC 40 -0.05%, the British FTSE 100 -0.6% and the pan-European Stoxx 50 -0.1%, while in Germany the DAX tries to turn smaller. 0.16% profit.

Indexes moved in different directions in the US with the Dow Jones slightly lower and the S&P and Nasdaq slightly higher, but futures were clearly lower today with losses of 0.31% for the Dow, 0.4% for the Nasdaq and 0.27% for the Nasdaq. S&P 500.

Finally, in the bond market, yields on the US 10-year are moving lower at 4.292%, the American 2-year at 4.687%, while the Greek 10-year is at 3.379%.

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